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We want everyone who plays with our toys, regardless of their age, to feel that spark of creativity, learn through this experience and simply have fun, as our toys aim to encourage the healthy development of our children.
We feel equally responsible for the future of the environment that we are living in, and so we make every effort to ensure we run a responsible and sustainable business.


We identified three main areas of intervention:

Production process

Renewable energy and efficiency

Evaluate and eventually implement a more sustainable heating system.
Improve the light system to a more efficient and sustainable LED system.

Suppliers’ selection and improvement

Select suppliers aligned with our values and with technologies in the fields of environmental sustainability.
Facilitate and encourage a more sustainable logistic within our suppliers.

Towards zero waste

Eliminate Styrofoam from all our packaging replacing it with our Geomag Box.
Reduce waste production at any stage through the eco-conception of products and packaging.
Keep the production processes free from any type of dangerous substances to health and the environment.


Circular approach

Progressive replacement of raw materials with more sustainable ones, preferring circular economy solutions.
Engineer new materials and production processes with a lower environmental impact.

Innovative packaging solutions

Increase the sustainability of both inbound and outbound packaging.
Keep looking for the most innovative packaging solutions.

Built to last

Build toys that can last generations.
Encourage the attitude of extending the life of the product.


Include and educate

  • Continuous commitment to guarantee quality toys for the healthy growth of the individual, the discovery and development of the potential of each person’s talents, the promotion of inclusiveness as the basis of human relationships.
  • Support disadvantaged people.

Respect workers

  • Respect for human rights as a universal value and monitor that this also occurs within our supply chain (suppliers and customers).
  • Commitment to ensuring a healthy working environment, where caring for the individual is central.
  • Continued involvement of our team in environmental and social responsibility issues.


Our Sustainable
Development Goals


Geomag has always cared about the development, well-being and education of children.
In recent years we have worked with various educational institutions through our Education project, obtaining the STEAM authentication in 2018.

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In early 2020, we set up our School Heroes project: collaborating with a few selected projects committed to ensuring inclusive education that is accessible to all. The School Heroes play a key role in social and educational projects aimed at promoting the healthy growth and education of all the boys and girls and in particular the development of their personal potential.

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In our company

Equality and non-discrimination represent one of the main points of our Code of Ethics. Geomag undertakes to offer equal opportunities for the development of its workers regardless of gender identity. For this reason, the distribution of roles, careers and the hiring of new personnel takes place in a context of total impartiality.

Playing beyond stereotypes

toys are gender neutral. We are in fact convinced that providing the same tools to both genders makes an excellent contribution to educating kids so that we have a society without discrimination.

Through the support of social projects

In 2020, we began supporting three great projects which, in addition to ensuring a school education, have directed their efforts towards female empowerment initiatives.

To find out more about the projects in Scampia, Lima and Nduye, read our stories on:



Ethical code

Geomag wants to be a place where the word work is associated with the word well-being and growth. Our code of ethics is one of the fundamental building blocks for our company and lists principles such as transparency, respect, equality, the rights and health of workers.


B Corp is a certification that can only be obtained after a long process of analysis, certifying very high levels of environmental and social sustainability in the company. There are currently B Corp certified companies in 71 countries and in 150 different sectors.

The certification procedures in the last year have slowed up a lot, due to Covid, so we at Geomag are still in the assessment phase. But one thing is certain: B Corp values have always been part of our DNA and we look forward to becoming part of the community as soon as possible.

Prison project

In 2013 we started a collaboration project with a Swiss prison that gives inmates the opportunity to take part in a rehabilitation process and to actively be part of a community.


For some years Geomag has embraced the philosophy of the circular economy:

Made from 100% recycled plastic

In 2020 we converted our Classic and Magicube lines to use 100% recycled plastics. The need to not only comply with toy safety regulations, but also high standards of quality and aesthetics, has required a
commitment over the years by our research team to search for the best materials and to adapt the production process.
In 2021, we achieved our goal and transitioned all our new lines into recycled plastic, including Geomag Mechanics. Our packaging is also made with a high percentage of recycled materials, on average over 70%.

Our production process uses 100% renewable energy from Swiss hydroelectric plants.

Waste reduction

With a view to continuous improvement, we have analysed the production of waste and are implementing a strategy for its reduction: decreasing packaging and packaging materials and substituting them with sustainable alternatives, such as recycled or renewable materials.

Relationship with suppliers

We have always chosen our suppliers carefully, from among the most ethical in the sector, assessing them on the basis of proximity to our company and respect for safety, quality, sustainability and ethics standards. Furthermore, through targeted surveys on these standards, we keep up to date on their progress in the area of sustainability and social responsibility.


Lifegate Collaboration

On 10th September 2019 we inaugurated the installation of a Seabin in the Ligurian port of Marina degli Aregai (Italy).

What is a Seabin?

A floating basket that sucks up and collects waste from the water, including microplastics. From 10th September 2019 to 31st December 2020, the Seabin sponsored by Geomag collected over 458 kilos of floating waste, or the equivalent in weight of over 91,700 plastic bags removed from the water.

Fight against microplastics in our production processes

The dispersal of microplastics is an important issue for us, as our toys are partly made of plastic.
Our desire to run an ethical business pushes us towards continuously improving our production process, in order to minimise pollution. Following an analysis of the logistics and transformation process of plastics, we have identified the best practices to minimise the risk of dispersal of microplastics into the environment.

Italian Sailing Federation Collaboration

We recently started collaborating with the Italian Sailing Federation (FIV), which has decided to integrate sustainability into its schools. As a result, Geomag has decided to participate in the education of future sailors. This initiative was chosen because it combines two essential elements for Geomag: sustainability and education. Protection of the seas starts with awareness-raising initiatives such as these.

Sustainability Report 2022


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