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This is Chiara’s inspirational story

The stories from our School Heroes continue to guide and stimulate us in our choices, actions and thoughts, today more than ever. They are willing to give their all, their enthusiasm, their skills and a touch of foolhardiness to ensure everyone has the right to education. These are stories about people who make sure no one is left behind, whatever the cost.

The other side of Scampia: a story of self-determination

Scampia is located in the north of the city of Naples: a complex suburb known to most for the problematic social, economic and educational conditions of its inhabitants, but the Scampia we want to tell you about is a more hidden version that is more willing to change. This Scampia is narrated through the eyes of Chiara, a music therapy student, who at the age of 21 decided to go and actually implement a project aimed at combating education poverty using one of her greatest passions: music.

“In Scampia, the school dropout rates are often high, especially after primary school,” Chiara tells us,“for social, economic and cultural reasons”.

However there are kids that do keep going and keep on studying so that they can build a different life. Although this neighbourhood is often preceded by its negative reputation and stereotypes, which obscure the positive elements, Chiara paints a picture of a Scampia rich in beauty and willing to change, where girls and boys who, despite all the difficulties, do everything they can to exercise their right to study.

Chiara works in several places in the area, which aim to protect children living in complex situations, giving them the opportunity to have a healthy education and improve their lives in concrete terms.


The Centro Educativo CELUS has been active for 30 years and is affiliated with “Il Giardino dai mille colori” playgroup. It is located near the Roma camp, as it aims to welcome the kids living there.

The Centre aims to introduce the young kids of Scampia to different opportunities, offering them cultural and social alternatives to the difficulties they know only too well.

Our School hero, Chiara, together with the other volunteers, is responsible for communicating the importance of school education to young people so that they can have a brighter future.

In Scampia, there are several groups that organise recreational and cultural activities for children. Chiara tells us about the playgroup, run by the convent “Suore della Provvidenza”, for the local children. The novelty for this year are the after-school activities for middle and high school students. This playgroup communicates with both students and teachers to discuss what action should be taken to ensure the children continue with their studies.

Another important institution, with a similar ethos to the Centro Educativo, is the Scuola delle Seconde Opportunità (local afterschool), which has been active for the last 12 years. In collaboration with the State School, they help out children who have dropped out of school or who are having difficulty with the eighth grade exam. This institution is vital for the healthy development of these students, to fill in the gaps and make up for the lack of solid reference points.

These children often do not have great memories of school so the Scuola delle Seconde Opportunità gives them an alternative approach to their studies. The proposed learning method is more dynamic than the traditional one: practical activities are integrated into theoretical lessons to help everyone find what interests them.