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In a world where the lines between adulthood and childhood are often blurred, there’s a special category of individuals who have found a unique way to express their creativity and inner child. These individuals, often referred to as “kidults,” are adults who are unapologetically drawn to the world of toys and play, finding immense joy and inspiration in what was once solely reserved for children. Embracing this spirit of boundless imagination, Geomag, a brand known for its magnetic construction toys, has introduced a captivating new product range known as Cube Art.


Cube Art: Where Play and Art Collide

Cube Art is not your typical toy collection; it’s a portal to a world where art and play harmoniously converge. Geomag’s Cube Art range comprises three distinct sets, each offering a unique blend of artistic inspiration, geometric innovation, and creative exploration.


Magnetic Masterpieces: A Tribute to Art History

Magnetic Masterpieces,” is a homage to the world of art history. With 12 magnetic cubes, this set features a selection of 6 modern art masterpieces created by some of the greatest artists in history. In the box, you’ll find iconic works such as “Portrait Bust of Mademoiselle Marcelle Lender” by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and “Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat” by Vincent van Gogh. This set invites you to solve magnetic puzzles and create your own piece of art, making it a captivating gift idea for both children and adults.

While it’s designed for play and creativity, the Magnetic Masterpieces set also serves as a bridge between generations, allowing art enthusiasts to introduce the younger ones to the world of renowned artists and their works. It’s a reminder that art can be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone, regardless of age. Reproduce your favourite painting or unleash your imagination with surprising combinations!


Magnetic Modular by Kaufman: Where Geometry Meets Play

The “Magnetic Modular by Kaufman” set introduces an entirely different facet of creativity. With 16 magnetic cubes, this set invites you to explore the interplay between basic geometric shapes and art. Kaufman’s art, rooted in a playful relationship with the environment, encourages you to interact with his works, much like the way children engage with construction toys. Kaufman takes inspiration from town cobblestones, incorporating patterns like circles, lines, and squares which have been incorporated into the design of the 16 cubes.

In this set, the art and geometry combine to unleash your inner inventor. Multiple combinations are possible, and you can manipulate, structure, and rearrange the cubes to create your own unique artwork. The included frame allows you to proudly display your creations, making them not only a testament to your creativity but also a conversation starter in any room.


Magnetic Patterns Expressions: Abstract Art and Creative Freedom

Magnetic Patterns Expressions, comprises of 25 magnetic cubes designed to help you explore the world of abstract art. These cubes allow you to create basic and complex abstract geometric shapes, fostering a world of endless creative possibilities. The unique feature of this set is the discovery of positive and negative colour versions, adding an extra layer of creativity.

With Magnetic Patterns Expressions, you have the power to create your own abstract masterpieces. Take out, shift, rearrange, or separate the cubes to construct your own version of abstract art. This set serves as a testament to the limitless potential of the human imagination. Building fanciful images has never been easier and more fun than with Magnetic Patterns Expressions. You will be so surprised at how many wonderful faces and funny expressions you can create to give you maximum inventiveness. Try and conjure up the strangest and most beautiful characters and animals and recreate their faces, expressions and profiles with Magnetic Patterns Expressions. The frame included in the set provides a platform for displaying your abstract artwork, whether hung on a wall or standing proudly on a surface.


Kidults: Toys Aren’t Just for Kids

The Cube Art range from Geomag embodies the essence of “kidults,” a category of individuals who refuse to let age define their boundaries. It’s a recognition that toys and creativity should not be limited to the younger generation. Instead, they can serve as bridges between generations and sources of inspiration for everyone.

In a world filled with responsibilities and commitments, the Cube Art sets offer a refreshing escape into the realm of play and art. They encourage kidults and art enthusiasts alike to embrace their inner child, engage with iconic artworks, explore the nuances of geometry, and dive headfirst into the world of abstract expression. These sets are a testament to the fact that creativity knows no age, and inspiration can be drawn from various sources. Whether it’s the masterpieces of renowned artists, the beauty of geometric shapes, or the freedom of abstract expression, Cube Art opens the door to a world where play and art beautifully collide.

So, why limit yourself to the conventional definitions of adulthood when you can explore the “kidult” within you? With Geomag’s Cube Art, you can celebrate your creative spirit, relish the joy of play, and proudly display your artistic endeavours, regardless of your age.

Cube Art by Geomag is a magnetic marvel, offering a creative escape for individuals who appreciate the fusion of art and play. It serves as a reminder that we are all kidults at heart, seeking inspiration, expression, and boundless imagination. With these sets, you can embark on a journey through art, geometry, and abstract expression, and proudly showcase your creative side for all to see. It’s time to unlock your inner artist and revel in the infinite possibilities that Cube Art offers.