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In an era of heightened environmental awareness, parents and consumers are increasingly seeking eco-friendly alternatives, even in the realm of play. Geomag, a notable player in the toy industry, has embraced the challenge by committing to sustainable play through their eco-toys. Discover how dedication to sustainable play, exploring business practices and initiatives make Geomag a front-runner in the creation of toys that are entertaining, environmentally responsible, and truly impactful.


Geomag’s Environmental Initiatives and Their Impact 

Geomag’s eco-conscious approach, has been relentless in its pursuit to reduce its carbon footprint and lessen its environmental impact. By harnessing innovative technologies, Geomag has successfully reduced CO2 emissions by an impressive 29%. This reduction is a testament to the commitment to become a more sustainable business, aligning with global UN sustainability goals.

The reduction in CO2 emissions is attributed to the move in using recycled plastics in production. Moreover, dedication to environmental preservation is demonstrated through the collection of over 450kg of plastic from the oceans, coupled with a 19% reduction in water usage. These actions underscore the holistic approach to sustainability, addressing critical environmental concerns.

Geomag firmly believes in collective efforts to achieve environmental balance and sustainable development for future generations. Founded in 1998, the Swiss-based operations began with the creation of the world’s first magnetic toy and is deeply invested in promoting creativity and education through award-winning toys, designed to engage both kids and adults in a creative and fun manner.


Geomag’s Eco-Friendly Toy Production and Practices 

Operating with a clear understanding that actions today have far-reaching consequences for the environment in the years to come, Geomag are unwavering in committing to operate in an eco-conscious and sustainable manner, taking full responsibility for their actions. The dedication goes beyond adhering to basic environmentally friendly standards; instead striving to exceed expectations by creating products that are environmentally superior.

One of the key initiatives is the use of renewable resources, with Geomag generating 100% of their electricity from hydropower. Additionally, product ranges, including Magicube, Geomag Classic, and Mechanics, are crafted from recycled plastic, further contributing to environmental sustainability. The sponsorship of the Seabin in 2021 which collected a substantial 458kg of plastics and microplastics from the ocean in just a year, showcases the proactive approach to protecting oceanic environments.


Commitment to Sustainable Development Goals and Responsible Governance 

Alignment with the UN 2030 Social Development Goals demonstrate the dedication to social responsibility and sustainable development. The company is transparent in its goals and efforts to reduce its footprint, allowing independent and transparent measurement of their sustainable initiatives. Key metrics, including greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and life cycle assessment (LCA) data, are diligently analysed and validated, reinforcing their dedication to making data-driven decisions that support a cleaner and more sustainable planet.


Fostering Sustainable Development through Consumer Involvement 

Geomag’s products are designed to endure, ensuring they can be passed down from generation to generation, promoting sustainability through longevity. With consumers increasingly making eco-conscious choices, Geomag encourages collective action to reduce environmental footprints and contribute to sustainable development goals. To provide total consumer transparency, the percentage of recycled plastic used in packaging is clearly visible on pack, urging consumers to support initiatives that conserve resources and utilize renewable energy sources. Encouraging eco-friendly packaging is another way for consumers to actively participate in and foster sustainability.

Geomag’s commitment to sustainable play is not just a corporate strategy but a deeply ingrained ethos. Through sustainable material sourcing, reduced packaging, recycling initiatives, carbon footprint reduction, and fostering consumer involvement, Geomag sets a remarkable example in the toy industry. Their dedication to social responsibility and responsible governance further amplifies their impact, making them pioneers in providing entertainment that aligns with our collective responsibility to protect the environment and create a better future for all.

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